Advice to Help You to Not Break up with Your Partner

Advice to Help You to Not Break up with Your Partner

 Create a Schedule

Routine is essential to making your relationship work. Take time to make a weekly diary to capture the important things that need to be done, and who will take responsibility for them. It’s vital to do this together so you can split the work load as necessary – you might see that one person will take on more household responsibilities if the other person has to work or work longer hours, for example. Your schedule will cover things like who will look after the children (if any)? Who will take the dog out for a stroll? Who will do the shopping? How will the household tasks be split? And how is work/personal time allocated?”

Make Time for Self-Care

Set aside some time in the schedule for self-care, alone, so you can relax and rejuvenate. You may not realize it, but stress and irritation can build up very easily if you been in a relationship for long periods of time. Self-care would take the form of a workout at home, or a long warm bath to help maintain stress levels.

Spend Quality Time Together

Ok, this sounds strange but this is precisely what you need to be doing. You may be living together, but you may be spending a huge amount of that time at your computer working, so find some time to spend together as a couple too.' Try cooking a meal together, taking your one exercise of the day outside together or having an intimate conversation with your lover.


Talking and communication is imperative to sustain a happy and supportive relationship. If you or your partner are not good at communicating? 'Just recognize this without judgment. Ask for what is needed and explain why it is important to you – it’s not necessary to go into detail, you can keep it short and simple, so as not to overwhelm each other. The crucial thing here is having clear non-violent communication – so communicate with empathy, respect and sensitivity, and listen without interruption, and never use accusatory language. It's also very important to be realistic with your expectations, and don’t expect that your partner will be able to fix everything. During times of high tension and change, it is essential to keep in mind that you and your companion may act differently, so take this into account when communicating and setting rules. 'Be prepared to fail at communicating, and be prepared to try again. Apologize for things when they fail —it will be the key to keeping a positive as well as healthy relationship.

 Do Something Cute For Each Other

If you are having problems in your relationship, now is the time to try and do nice things for each other. Run your partner a bath or give each other a massage, or just sit and talk. Share some time together TV and tech -free, it can be hard to put devices down when we are working from home but very necessary to build a better relationship with your significant other.

Have Sex

Relationships aren't all about closeness, actually a bit of space and distance is good for relationship health. The irony is that too much closeness can lessen feelings of desire or wanting, which is obviously going to be challenging for a lot of couples. It's essential to set aside time for intimacy and affection, otherwise your relationship can develop into a fairly platonic one.

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