Why You Should Use Lube More Often. Top 5 Reasons!

1. Lube can present brand-new experiences during sex
Bored of the usual sex? Introducing lube can bring a whole selection of brand-new feelings into your sex life. You can switch up foreplay with a flavored lube or maybe you’re thinking of trying anal sex or anal sex toys, then lube is a must!

2. It makes masturbation feel great.
Ever tried lube while masturbating? Well today is the best day to begin.  With Lube run your fingers and toys smoothly onto the sensitive skin of your clitoris and vulva. You'll soon ask yourself why you haven’t tried this in the past.

3. It can make a terrific beginning to foreplay
Making use of lube throughout sexual activity, with sex toys, along with flavored lubes during oral sex can be a total game-changer!

4. It helps with vaginal dryness
Different things can cause vaginal dryness, such as the menstrual cycle, menopause, or prescription drugs. This can in some cases can be aggravating as well as even make sex uncomfortable as a result of the lack of lubrication. This is where lube becomes your buddy!

5. It can make anal sex extra satisfying
While the vagina offers all-natural lubrication when excited ... the booty is a different story. That's why we suggest taking it slow and being very generous with the lube.

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